Antique Discovery

Design Discovery Ltd. offers an Antique Discovery Service.

You name it...Design Discovery will find it.

Design Discovery specializes in the aquisition of period furniture, restored lighting, artwork, leaded glass windows, fireplace mantels, antique hardware and other historically accurate architectural antiques and artifacts. Through many of years of working in the field of historic restoration and design, we have developed an extensive network of talented artisans, antique dealers, private collectors and museums.

Frank Lloyd Wright Barrel Chair

These perfect "antique finds" add distinctive character to your home or business:

The Antique Discovery Process:

  • Review the wish list
  • Research the time period
  • Locate the resources
  • Photograph the antique
  • Record detailed measurements and condition
  • Negotiate the price with focus on budget
  • Meet with clients to discuss acquisition
  • Request approval from client, builder and architect
  • Schedule restoration with skilled artisan
  • Arrange for shipment to client location

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